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Who We Are?

Quakertown Community Center is a partnership of the Church of Quakertown (various denominations), area non-profits, and individuals.  As a people of faith, the leadership is united around belief in the risen Jesus Christ.  All involved have a passion to serve, bless, and provide a better future for the youth of Quakertown.

Our Vision

Our vision at QCC is to create a central hub of hope, creativity, healing, and acceptance so youth and young adults can identify and develop their passions, gifts and potential in a safe and welcoming environment.

Why Is Quakertown Community Center Important?

Over the past couple of years, evidence has come to light to show that the youth of Quakertown are in critical need of a community center.

The most recent PA Youth Survey and Search Institute report indicates that more than 65% of youth stated the following:

They did not have an adult in their life modeling positive, responsible behavior.

They did not perceive that adults valued youth in the community.

They did not feel they were given useful roles in the community.

They did not have hope.

They did not know how to plan ahead and make choices.

More than half the youth reported having low self-esteem.

More than half believe it’s okay to be sexually active and to use alcohol or other drugs.

Since 2015, we have seen additional proof of a need for a community center:

Bucks County officials reported a rise in suicides, addictions, and overdoses in the past decade.

Quakertown declared a heroin epidemic in the borough and surrounding areas.

The School Administration identified key areas of need for the students:

More structured healthy social environments.

Mentors or caring adults.

Afterschool programs.

From 2016-2018, the Bucks County Coroner’s office reported 613 deaths from overdose. In addition, police have reported recent increases in parentless, directionless youth hanging out in local parks.

Our Objectives

Focusing on youth and young adults, our objective is to provide a safe and welcoming hub, staffed by caring, non-judgmental adults who will provide mentoring and instill hope. Once established, the community center will provide programming assisting the youth with the following:

 Identifying and developing gifts through creative expression

 Developing and implementing vision and goals for their future

 Addressing holistic needs by connecting to additional resources within the community.

Creative Initiatives

Our beginning focus is to create community and foster gifts through music, art and other creative initiatives. The community center will also ensure the youth have an occasion to showcase their creativity through art shows, concerts, or other relevant events.

Career Initiatives

In addition, the community center will establish initiatives designed to help youth and young adults define a vision and set goals for their future. It will include helping them look for volunteer opportunities where they can utilize skills and gifts, as well as give back to the community.

Holistic Approach

Lastly, we want to connect the youth and young adults to resources available to support holistic needs (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, financial, and other basic needs). We’ll provide youth with Christ-centered options for healing, health and overcoming challenges, in addition to solutions to address the heroin/opiate epidemic.

Thriving Youth

Our overarching goal is to see the youth and young adults of Quakertown thrive by connecting them to their gifts and passions. As QCC grows, we want to develop the youth to become leaders within the community by connecting with and mentoring other young people. Over time, we want to see QCC influence the reduction of suicides, overdoses, and crime.

How Can You Help?

Volunteer Opportunities

The Community Center is just that – a community – so it needs people! We are looking to build our volunteer teams and train them so we are ready once QCC opens. There are various roles that will need to be filled, outlined below.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 215-350-6629


Mentoring Volunteer: We need healthy adults to supervise and engage with the youth during open hours. If you have a passion for youth, and love to uplift and encourage, this may be the perfect opportunity for you.

Cleaning Volunteer: We need help cleaning the center after events.

Musicians/Artists/Teachers/Entrepreneurs: We need experienced musicians, artists, teachers and entrepreneurs to offer lessons and support that will encourage creativity in the youth, aiding in the discovery of their gifts, talents, and abilities, in order to live into their hopes and dreams.

Business Professionals: We are looking for business owners or professionals to lend their skills to train, teach, and support in their area of expertise. Examples include financial seminars and business planning.

Prayer Network: We need people to pray for the youth that come through the community center, specific prayers to be provided by the QCC staff.

Youth Leadership: We need youth to provide insight, direction and consultation on what the youth of the community need & want.

Other: Do you have a hobby or passion that you could share with a young person to broaden their perspective and invest in their future? Are you proficient in a skill that you could teach the youth? Is there another way you can help that’s not listed? Let us know!


The Drop community center has opened and your donations will be used for staffing, program development and utilities.

However, donations don’t need to be financial. We’ll need skilled workers (plumbers, construction workers), art supplies, old musical instruments, furniture, and much more. If you have items or services you would like to donate, please contact us!
Spread the Word

Let your friends and family know about this valuable initiative for the youth of our community! Follow us on Facebook and sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay up-to-date on our progress.


Your prayer is so important to us and the success of this mission. Please pray for:

  • God’s grace on this entire project
  • Wisdom for the leadership team and all involved
  • Willing and able volunteers
  • All necessary finances and provision

Call or Visit

50 North 4th Street, Quakertown, PA 18951

Send all mail to:

“The Drop” at Quakertown Community Center
P.O. Box 793
Quakertown, PA 18951

General Inquiries

Pastor Bruce Eglinton-Woods

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 215-350-6629


Our goal is to someday be open Monday -Friday after school. We can’t do that with the limited number of volunteers we currently have. Would you like to join our committed group of volunteers impacting the youth of Quakertown and the Upper Bucks area?



It takes money to take these kids on Special Event Trips like Fishing Trips and Bowling Nights. Sometimes the snacks that some of these kids are eating at 3 pm is the first time that day they have had something to eat. Can you commit to making even a small monthly donation to assist giving these kids a snack when they arrive?

donate online


Please pray for our organization. We truly want to make a difference in the lives of the young men and women that are coming through our doors.

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